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I wrote a guest blog on about the making of Bombay Movie, about my first weeks working at Studio 18 in Bombay, and about trying to find my filmmaking community there. 


"I was standing at a juice bar on Pali Hill, which I’d been told was the favorite haunt of Bollywood stars, producers and other assorted filmi people. Muscular young men with slicked hair and aviator shades sat atop their Enfields gossiping about upcoming films and their next audition. A passerby stared toward the shop hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite star. I figured if I hung around here long enough, luck was bound to shine upon me. As I sipped on my fresh pomegranate juice and waited for something to happen, I knew I had arrived in Bollywood."


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BOMBAY MOVIE on Hindicinemablog

Thanks to the Hindi Cinema Blog for posting their review of our film. 

"Through her lens, Alexandra Eaton presents a realistic and detailed view of the process of independent film making, but most importantly, she profoundly captures a film maker's inspiration and his responsibility, not only towards his team and viewers, but also towards the human beings that lie behind the characters he has created."

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